Team Approach

Above the clients, Above the customers, at Wave, our team comes FIRST.

First, a word about our success strategy for Wave. In our knowledge-based economy, traditional paths to corporate growth such as product and service innovations are no longer as reliable as they once were. Few companies are able to produce a steady stream of product improvements, let alone real breakthroughs, to fuel significant growth and achieve or maintain market leadership. We differentiate ourselves and gain a competitive advantage through our corporate structure.

The traditional hierarchy is a posse of executives at the top doing their best to preserve their own power — controlling knowledge and other resources and demanding accountability from all those working below them. The front-line agents, especially those who worked directly with customers, were the ones responsible for creating value, but the organization did its best to limit their ability to do so.

In todays market place we believe that the CEO of the company should be working for the people of the company and not the other way around. Our corporate structure creates an environment in which our individuals are recognized, excited for Monday, and productive.

How we do this is having our each person spend less time explaining their actions and reporting their results and spend more time delivering on the promise of our services for our clients and their customers. We allow team members to work in the value zone where they don't have to cover themselves and instead focus on getting the job done. No wonder we were are growing at such an exponential rate. No wonder our agents are staying and progressing.

Development is Key.

At Wave our goal is to give marketing professionals a platform to showcase their skills in a growing industry. As an expanding direct marketing firm, we put all our efforts into the professional development of talented individuals. We have found that our “people first” approach has given us the ability to create rockstar teams that are both happy and productive.

We have a proven track record of developing our team members into industry superstars and offering fulfillment and longevity within a career here at Wave. This stems from our development model that our company inspires.

Our Team Come First.

Our ethos here at Wave is to not only develop ourselves, but to develop others by hosting a competitive, creative, and an intense program for self-development, a great work ethic and confidence. The unique program helps participants to develop the fundamental habits which are the foundations for success.

  • Conferences
  • Hands-on learning
  • Business Trips
  • R&R Trips
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Bonuses and Awards

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Covid-19 Update

In our office we care about your safety! Due to Covid, we have adopted changes to prioritize your health. When visiting our office, you should expect: 

  1. Temperature scans when entering the office
  2. Hand Sanitizer upon arrival
  3. Social distancing encouraged