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Our event marketing takes marketing out of the office and into the public, allowing our clients to directly interact with potential customers and giving them the chance to demonstrate the effectiveness of their product or service. We organize and ensure the smooth operation of these marketing efforts, from planning to implementation.

By meeting with prospects at an event, our specialists have the opportunity to develop one-to-one relationships with consumers, and effectively convey the merits of the product. We offer construction and development of marketing booths, and evaluate the effectiveness of all campaigns.


As promotions consultants we thrive on taking on stagnant brands and crafting winning campaigns that push them forward to defeat competitors. When businesses turn to us they get new ideas backed by research, and immediate increase in the overall profit generated by a product.

We can create various budget scenarios, showing businesses how much a campaign costs, and what the potential return on investment will be. From experience we can suggest special discounts for certain products, promoting merchandise for a brand, starting a new contest, or any other method that could drive customers back to a business.

Retail Marketing

We have established an original approach to in-store retail sales and marketing. Superior sales talent, focused training, logistical expertise and innovative technology combine to engage people and drive sales for your brand.

While other forms of shopper engagement are moving to printed and digital signs and exploring how internet-based social media can affect sales, WAVE continues to drive in-store retail sales with the most effective tool in existence: the trained Sales Advisor and Brand Ambassador. No sales tactic compares to the power of one person talking to another and closing the sale.

Lead Generation

A common challenge professional service firms face is maintaining a constant stream of appointments with prospects. Our Lead Generation Campaigns help to continually fill your pipeline by opening doors with qualified prospects and providing coaching to turn those prospects into long-term clients.

With our proven process and team of business development specialists, Rainmaker can put you face-to-face with highly qualified and interested prospects on a regular, on-going basis. Our Lead Generation Campaigns offer a full concept-to-close process for growing your practice, designed to meet the needs of growing firms that require extensive exposure to – and personal interaction with – their target markets.

As a result of our Lead Generation Campaigns, your firm will be able to:

  • Differentiate from the competition
  • Communicate with qualified prospects in your target area
  • Continually fill your sales pipeline
  • Deliver proven results

Outsourced Sales

Wave has full time professionals all across the US able to focus on your products. This allows you to leverage their many decades of award winning sales experience. Compared to the risk of recruiting, training and carrying a full-time sales representative, Wave allows you to scale in local territories, nationally and even globally with our team of professionals that come trained and ready to start immediately upon engaging our team.

Business-to-Business Programs

B2B marketing success doesn’t come from broadcasting a product over radio or television. B2B marketing success comes from embedding your company in the industry, making your product seem like a staple and finally getting it in front the relevant buyers.

Our unique understanding of B2B marketing includes the following:

  • How to build powerful B2B brands
  • How to differentiate from competitors
  • How to develop B2B Pricing contracts and methods
  • How to design, compensate and motivate the sales force
  • How to use social media for B2B marketing

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Covid-19 Update

In our office we care about your safety! Due to Covid, we have adopted changes to prioritize your health. When visiting our office, you should expect: 

  1. Temperature scans when entering the office
  2. Hand Sanitizer upon arrival
  3. Social distancing encouraged