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Wave is partnered with some of the largest brands and through events in some of the largest retailers globally able to provide quality customer service. We are looking for individuals for our In-Store Promoter positions where there is no cold calling and we place as much important on our existing customers as we do acquiring new business.

We offer great opportunities for advancement both inside the London Market and outside, for those looking to travel and grow, there will be management vacancies opening up all across the UK this year. Positions include but not limited to Team Leader, Supervisor, Marketing Manager, Sales Management and Regional Management. We promote exclusively from within, and advancement is performance rather than time based.

• Part-Time & Full-Time Positions Available!

• Morning & Evening Shifts Available!

• Flexible Scheduling!

• Paid Training

All Applicants Must Have:
  • Smart Phone
  • E-mail Access
  • Drive to Succeed
  • Willingness to Follow Direction and Accept Coaching.

Wave is a field marketing agency. Account Executives are the face of our clients technology brands at various events, including sampling demos.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities
  • Organisation and hosting of on-site demos
  • Coordination with retail partners on schedules and demo guidelines
  • Create a unique customer experience to increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty
  • May participate in strategic coordination and execution of sales initiatives, reaching consumers where they live, work, play and shop
  • Capture results by timely reporting of all pertinent info to sales manager
  • Host marketing events relevant to the brand and to the region, partnering with like-minded companies
Special Requirements
  • Outstanding customer service skills
  • Ability to positively engage the public
  • Ability to represent the brand in a highly positive manner
  • Access to a computer for reporting sampling results
Knowledge and Skills
  • Strong Customer Service Background
  • Understanding of both marketing & sales fundamentals
  • Deep rooted understanding of the relevant market and surrounding area
  • Existing network of relevant contacts specifically within active lifestyle, culture and business
  • Strong team player but also possessing the ability to work independently
  • Self-starter
  • Results-oriented
  • Strong organisational skill set
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritise workload
  • Ability to engage a crowd
Education and Experience
  • Bachelor’s degree (preferred) or equivalent work experience
  • Related work experience: 2 years relevant experience in events, promotions, media, consumer products marketing
Job Description

Our Management Training Program at Wave is currently accepting applications. We are looking for candidates eager to gain experience working on one of our growing marketing campaigns. With high performance coupled with training provided by our team, we can develop someone with the skills we need to grow in to a management role in our organisation.

What We Need

We firmly believe in building key leaders from within. Anyone we hire starts at the entry level, regardless of experience or background. Through our training programme we introduce them to the clients we work with, give them ground level sales experience on one of our projects, then over time give them the tools they need to succeed in this business. As we are in a position of rapid growth, we need people to succeed sooner than later! Our clients have high demands, so we need someone who is ready for a challenging role in a fast-paced business.

Initial Responsibilities

The foundation of what we do for our clients is drive sales. So, early on we will teach someone our foundational marketing systems. These skills are transferable to any business, and facilitate growth up the corporate ladder at Wave. Upon hiring, we will assign someone to one of our projects and a client to work with. They will be assisting on the events which market that client’s products to their desired customer base. We will provide you with a 90-day training period in sales and marketing, followed by 60 days as a Junior Executive, where you will learn all the essentials for success. After training is completed, there are excellent earning opportunities available as well as career advancement. The best candidates can fast track into Executive and Regional Manager roles.

Work Environment

Because our projects are all “customer facing” in nature, we tend to hire people of a similar personality type. We look for people who have high-energy, are charismatic, and driven. If you feel like we are a good match for your career, please send us your resume and let’s get started!

Our HR Executive will assist with recruiting within our Talent Acquisitions Department. The position will require a heavy amount of outbound recruitment calls, daily correspondence, email management, front desk work and social media content management.

We Offer:
  • Base salary plus bonuses and incentives
  • Travel opportunities
  • Upbeat team environment
  • Opportunity for advancement
  • Our administrative assistant must have great written and verbal communication skills
  • Multitasking ability in a fast paced environment
  • Retail, customer service, administrative or call centre experience is required
  • Competitive mindset, goal oriented
  • Computer Literate: MacOS and Windows
  • Open availability: part-time candidates will not be considered for this position

Consistently voted one of the best places to work, Wave provide people, technology, and analytics to support the sales and marketing of world-class brands that you know and use every day. Our clients are Fortune 500 companies with high expectations and forward-thinking philosophies. Together as a TEAM we deliver for them every day. Wave are not about standing out from the crowd – We lead it!

The Executive
Training Programme

Our continued growth along with a commitment to an internal and merit based promotion structure means everyone has their fair opportunity to take a leadership position. If you have ambitions to manage you must be able to do four things at Wave:

Be There: Genuine concern, genuine action

When people think of being authentic, they think of sharing who they are. For every person who shares, there must be at least one who listens. Be There is about genuinely paying attention to people and responding when they need you.

Make Someone’s Day: Ask “What do you think?”

Authentic leaders are confident and honest, willing to admit they don’t know all the answers. They make it a habit to ask people for opinions and ideas. Besides providing the team with more ideas, it makes people feel valued and fuels their enthusiasm. It also is a great way to Make Their Day.

Choose Your Attitude: Know Your Impact

Real authenticity requires self-awareness. It means knowing who you want to be, what your values are, how you express yourself and how that impacts others.

Play: Learn and Grow

Life is about learning and growing. It demands change. To be the best version of you, you must be willing to stretch yourself, learn new skills and try new, even more effective styles of working with and relating to people.

Theory Based Learning

Whether starting out in an entry level position, or as a trainee in our marketing and management programs, people all retain information much more readily when they have an emotional reaction to it. That’s why great trainers are so highly valued because they are skilled at delivering information in a way that excites, inspires, motivates and engages their audiences. See why we believe classroom learning works:


  • Subject matter experts are on hand to give on the spot practical help and answer questions
  • Opportunities to tackle subjects and questions outside the standard remit of the course
  • Immediate help and support with correcting mistakes and getting it right
  • Networking with other learners, sharing experiences and social interaction
  • Real, practical and hands on use of the tools and techniques
  • Expert trainers who make the learning experience engaging, interesting and enjoyable
  • Learning can be instantly adapted to suit the needs of the delegates
  • Quiet, dedicated time out of the office to really focus on your needs
  • Multi sensory experience that appeals to more of your multiple intelligences
  • Valuable feedback from the trainer and others in the group


New partners are never thrown in the deep end too early when they are new to their position. They are always with a manager or mentor as they learn the ropes.

Wave  follows a Tell, Show, Do process. Tell is what is learnt in theory training. Show is when the mentor shows them exactly how to do something and Do is when the new team member does the action with the coach watching to assist, train and provide feedback. This is huge in building confidence and key skills.

Account Executive
Account Manager
Junior Executive
Senior Executive
Regional Executive

Our commitment to promoting from within is a huge part of our culture, and has been since we opened our doors for business. We believe in developing our employees and rewarding them for their hard work. As a result, employees often stay at Wave for their entire career journey — enjoying a rewarding work experience where they can always count on taking the next step.

As a Management Trainee, you are the future of Wave. You’ll be given real responsibility – and be expected to own it. We’ll empower you to experience, explore and thrive. Our promote-from-within culture means you can have many unique careers all within one company. With support and training every step of the way. You just need to take the leap.

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