A Historic Win for the Houston Astros

For the first time in history, the Houston Astros win the World Series. Wave wants to congratulate them on their journey, and hope for a successful future. They pride themselves in their community, and have enjoyed seeing everyone gather together to experience this historic win. In the midst of recent catastrophic events, they are hopeful that the community of Houston can continue to work together to build a strong environment for future generations.

Wave specializes in representing companies primarily in the technology industry. Through this they are able to help them receive positive ROI’s on their marketing budget. They are also able to add a human touch to a technology-focused industry. Other than the tech industry, Wave also represents companies in industries such as telecommunications, lifestyle, energy, and many more. Results can be seen though full services account management including forecasting & customer territory analysis, B2B sales programs, and full time target account selling services.

Wave believes in strong values that symbolize their work culture. They do not only prove this through their words, but through their actions. They pride themselves in always doing the right thing. This is portrayed through eight core values: Personal honesty and integrity, fun and friendly work environment, listening and communication, strengthening the community, and more. They believe in these values whole-heartedly, as they act as a guiding force of how they do business.

This visionary company understands that they would not maintain the successful reputation if it were not for the Houston communities, and it’s surrounding cities. Wave welcomes people to apply to their company today. Their doors are always open.

Go Astros!

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