The 5 Reasons People Choose Entrepreneurship

WAVE has revealed why, despite the challenges entrepreneurs face, entrepreneurship is a growing trend and more people than ever are choosing to become entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs can often face many challenges in the early days of starting a business, they must work long hours and take major financial risks just to stand a chance of succeeding. However, WAVE believes that these risks often pay off and the more hard work an entrepreneur puts in at the beginning, the more rewards they will have as an outcome. For example, the firm believes that entrepreneurship can be very rewarding in being able to work your own hours and work on something that you are passionate about. There is also a huge amount of satisfaction and joy that comes with starting your own venture, points out WAVE.

WAVE has looked into the 5 motivators that are proving to be why more people than ever are choosing entrepreneurship:


The vast majority of entrepreneurs get into entrepreneurship at least partially because of the potential to make lots of money. Major success stories such as Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg make it seem more real that entrepreneurs can succeed. It might not be an overnight success but any dedicated entrepreneur with a good idea and great timing can make a lot more money than they ever could in a traditional position.


Some entrepreneurs venture out on their own because they’re tired of the demands of traditional work. Working long hours, catering to the whims of your bosses, and being stuck in the same rut of responsibilities can be draining and does not sound appealing to an entrepreneur. Being your own boss frees you from those restraints. You can work your own hours, wherever you feel like working, and set your own goals and responsibilities. However, entrepreneurship is very demanding and in the early stages it doesn’t always mean working fewer hours so WAVE advises that entrepreneurs should be prepared to work hard.


The desire for control drives many entrepreneurs who aspire to attain a leadership position. Being the boss of your own business means you can call the shots. Workers who feel they are working under an inept CEO, might be especially motivated by the control factor.


Some people love working with others. A team-based creative problem solving atmosphere is ideal for some entrepreneurs. Some jobs offer direct supervisory or leadership roles, but WAVE feel there’s nothing like building your own team from scratch. Entrepreneurs can choose their partners, mentors and their core team as well as getting to choose their employees. That means that they get to pick the skill sets, talents and personalities that they want to work with and never have to worry about working on a team that they don’t like or can’t be productive with.


Many entrepreneurs aren’t in it for the money but instead want to leave a lasting legacy. They might want to become the face of a brand and earn a taste of fame along the way. They might want to leave behind something that appreciates them, or even pass the business on to future generations. The point is that they want to create something meaningful that’s going to outlast them. This motivation is one of the strongest for entrepreneurs because it can’t be achieved anywhere else.

WAVE is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Houston. The firm develops unique marketing campaigns that help to increase their clients’ customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty, by driving personal connections with consumers.

WAVE aims to inspire and instil a sense of entrepreneurship in young business professionals through their business development program which is designed to teach aspiring entrepreneurs the skills needed to succeed.

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